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I am Nechama (she/her), an Israeli certified nurse midwife, currently working in Vancouver as a full spectrum doula.  I am here to support you through pregnancy, birth, postpartum, abortion, miscarriage, and loss.  Whether at the hospital, in a birthing center, or in your home, I would love to accompany you on your journey.


About Me

I am an Israeli-trained registered nurse and certified nurse midwife with 4 years of experience in the Maternal Fetal Health Unit at one of Israel's main hospitals where I support people through all stages of pregnancy, birth and loss.

I am passionate about birth work and reproductive support, and am constantly learning and expanding my toolbox.  I have completed trainings with Spinning Babies ®, Evidence Based Birth ®, Cornerstone, and more. 

I gave birth to both of my children at home.  I trust the physiological birth process and the intuition of the birther.  I believe that everybody deserves the chance to make informed choices about their reproductive health and to be supported in those choices.

Let me support you.


Offerings and Services


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Take a comprehensive child birth preparation course, condensed class to build a birth plan, or a session focused on comfort measures. 



Support for the birth.   

Includes pre and postpartum meetings.



Postpartum and lactation support. 

Healing, feeding, bonding and more. 

The minute my water broke Nechama was in close contact with me, every time I called her she could actually guess at what stage I am by hearing me screaming with every contraction! She arrived very quickly just the moment I needed this support and performed various maneuvers that relieved some of the pain and advised me throughout this beautiful process of delivering a baby! 
I felt safe and comfortable all the time, she gave the strength to proceed even when I was exhausted and at times frustrated..
Thank you Nechama for everything!



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